Secretarial Compliances

Secretarial Compliances

  • Annual Compliances for PVT
  • Annual Filings for LLPs
  • Increase in Authorised Capital
  • Due Diligence of Company
  • Secretarial Audit Package for Companies
  • Proposal for RBI Compounding Application

1. Maintenance of statutory registers
All companies are required to maintain certain registers and these must be kept at the registered office of the company.
Various types of registers that are required to be maintained by the company include the following:

  • Register of Members,
  • Register of Directors,
  • Register of Contracts,
  • Register of Charges, etc.

2. Annual Filings
A number of annual forms and documents are required to be filed by every company with the Registrar of Companies. These include filing of annual return in the prescribed manner, annual financial statements, etc. All these forms are required to be certified by a practicing Chartered Accountant or a practicing Company Secretary.

3. Informing ROC on occurrence of certain events
Registrar of Companies needs to be informed on occurrence of certain events. Some of the common events are as follows:

  • Change in the statutory auditors
  • Appointment of Managing Director/ Whole Time Director
  • Appointment/Resignation of directors
  • Change in the bank signatories
  • Alteration of main object of the company
  • Change in registered office of the company

4. Procedures followed by TaxTeam
We prepare an annual calendar for the minimum statutory compliances. This ensures that all events are covered and scheduled. A quarterly review of the calendar with the client ensures that work progresses as per the calendar.
As for event based compliances, TaxTeam provides its client with a list of events, which needs secretarial compliance and educates the clients on how to use that list. TaxTeam does a periodic review with the client of these events and ensures that compliance is done in a timely manner. Thus TaxTeam follows a proactive approach in helping its clients remain compliant with the company secretarial compliances.

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