Equality (Discrimination)

Equality (Discrimination)

Job Security

Job Security is an assurance that an individual will keep his or her job without the risk of becoming unemployed. S/he will have continuity in employment and it may be from the terms of a contract of employment, collective bargaining agreement, or labor legislation that prevents arbitrary termination. Lack of job security refers to a situation where a person with a job would have a high chance of becoming unemployed.

The right to Work:

The privilege to work is firmly identified with other essential rights, for example, the privilege to life, the privilege of education. In a nation where a huge number of individuals are denied of any financial resources other than labour, is basic for these rights to be satisfied. The privilege to work expresses that everybody ought to be given the chance to work for an essential living compensation.

Types of Discrimination

  • Direct Discrimination
  • Indirect Discrimination
  • Gender Equality and Right to Work
  • Violence against Women
  • Equal Remuneration
  • Sexual Harassment
  • Equal Choice of Profession
  • Crimes against Scheduled castes
  • Religious Discrimination
  • Crimes against Scheduled castes

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