Business Protection Contracts

Business Protection Contracts

Some of the Types of contracts handled by us include:


  • An agreement for special arrangements with affiliate organisations.

Appointment (Temporary)

  • An employment assignment agreement under which an employee of another organization/institution furnishes services to your organisation on a temporary assignment.

Business Operations

  • An agreement with an outside business entity for the management of some of the non-core business operations, or for conducting business activities that lead to revenue-generating opportunities for your organisation.

Copyright Assignment

  • An agreement for an assignment of copyright under which an author assigns author’s copyrights to the other party.


  • An agreement between parties to keep certain information confidential (also referred to as a non-disclosure agreement).

CSR Outreach

  • An agreement under which the University provides specific CSR activities to youngsters at a local entity (typically a local school district).

Fee for Service

  • An agreement with an outside entity under which the outside party is permitted to use unique facilities of your establishment on a fee-for-service basis.


  • An agreement under which your organisation hires an temporary staff to teach or develop a solution.

Confidentiality and Business Protection Agreement

  • Non-Recruitment of company Employees, etc.
  • No Competition — Solicitation of Business
  • No Competition — Employment by Competitor.
  • No Disparagement

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